Welcome to ISMS.online's first feature update.

Within this guide you'll get a run-down of the latest changes to the platform, and what you can expect to come soon.

If you have any questions about any of these changes, have a chat with us!

Coming soon:

The below changes will make it even easier for administrators to manage users, control what users have access to and work with external parties such as auditors.

Occasional user roles

Expected release date [NOT RELEASED]

Available from Friday 14th May, you'll be able to assign the 'Occasional user' role to any user in ISMS.online.

The occasional user role is perfect for users such as auditors or policy pack users, as they won't be able to create any new Work areas.

This means that you'll now be able to select the following roles when creating a new user or editing a user's preferences:

  • Occasional user
  • Standard user
  • Administrator

Read only role for Work areas

Expected release date

The read only role is a new role that will limit users from being able to make any changes within a Work area. 

This is perfect for...

Users with this role won't be able to 

Recent updates:

Main navigation changes

Quality of life changes