Where to start in ISMS.online

It is very common to be unsure of where to start when setting up your ISMS. Here at ISMS.online we aim to simplify the process and break it down into manageable chunks. We also start you off with most of the work already completed for you using our Adopt, Adapt, Add policy content. We then set out the path to success from beginning to end with our Assured Results Method. Simplified. Secure. Sustainable.

Bookmarking ISMS.online for quick access

As a new (or even experienced) user of the platform, building the ISMS.online habit into your daily routine is an important part of embracing new ways of working. For this reason, a good first step would be to make ISMS.Online as easy to access as possible.

In the external help guides listed below, you can learn how to save ISMS.online to your favourites or bookmarks in your internet browser. Click on one of the following for step-by-step instructions:

ISO Policies and Controls Project

If you are new to ISO 27001, a great place to begin your journey is the ISO 27001 Requirements phase within your ISO 27001 Policies and Controls Project. You can navigate to this by:

  1. Hover over 'Work' in the navigation bar

  2. Mouse your mouse over your 'ISMS' Cluster and select the 'ISO 27001 Policies and Controls

  3. Click on the 'Structure' tab to see its contents

Adopt, Adapt, Add

Now that you have found your way to your ISO 27001 Policies and Controls project, and hopefully had a chance to familiarise yourself with it, you may be wondering what next? 

This content is a free of charge sample from our Virtual Coach package, helping you understand and achieve ISO 27001 certification success quickly. Find out more about how Virtual Coach can help you. Already have Virtual Coach? See here for our Virtual Coach guide 

  • Adopt

    ISMS.online begins your project with a 77% of the work already completed for you. This means that, out-of-the-box, you can Adopt a lot of what we have included, saving you an immense amount of time, money, and enable you to achieve your goals far more quickly.

  • Adapt

    We understand that every organisation is different and has its own set of needs. For this reason you may choose to Adapt the policy we have given you, and then customise the incident management tool itself or use your own tracking tools.

  • Add

    We have areas where you are able to add your own policies and controls. You can use these areas to add anything else your company needs. For example, your own unique technical controls including your encryption and access control policies.

Assured Results Method (ARM)

Wonder which order to Adopt, Adapt, Add? Our Assured Results Method (ARM) breaks the whole process down and guides you through it step-by-step, from laying the foundations to successful certification- and beyond!

ARM can be found on the toolbar at the top of your ISMS.online platform: 

Once opened you will see along the left hand side each step in drop down menus: