is a platform which allows you to work alone or with others. Others can include people from your own or different organisations. Work in takes place in work areas and each area has a Team that governs who can access it.

You and other users have the opportunity to control who you work with and how much you share.

Team Member Permissions

In the various work areas, gives you the opportunity to control how much Team members can do. Different work areas offer different permission types but in general, there is one person who creates the area and they can then set the permissions for other Team members. They will also be responsible for managing, administering or moderating that area. Other Team members are more focused on contributing and participating as needed.

In some areas like Accounts, you can also have senior management overview that gives you access to all the Accounts within your organisation.

Individuals and Groups in Teams

Typically, you’ll add individuals into your work areas as team members. There are occasions, however, where you might want to add a Group of users at once. For example, the same Team may work in a number of different areas across your ISMS, buy managing them as a Group you can easily add new members to all their work in one place. Also if someone leaves or changes role its simple task to remove them from that Group and revoke their access to any associated areas at once. 

Navigating to the Team page of a Work area

  1. Navigate to the Work area that you would like to update

  2. Click the 'Team' icon on the top right of the page

How to use Teams

Adding someone to a Team

    Adding new team members is simple, but in order to do it, you need to be an administrator of that work area. To add a new Team member:

  1. Click the add new Team member button
  2. Type in the first few letters of the user, Group or organisation you would like to add
  3. Use the list that appears to select who you want to add
  4. Once selected click 'Add to Team'

Note: By default, new Team members are given an access level of 'Contribute'.

Removing someone from the team

  1. Navigate to the 'Team' page following the steps above
  2. Click on the 'Remove' button associated with the user that would like to be removed

Changing a Team members level of access within a work area

  1. Navigate to the 'Team' page following the steps above
  2. There are 3 levels of access within a work area
    1. Read-only: This user can only read the contents of this area
    2. Contribute: Same as above, plus they can contribute and create their own work within it
    3. Administer: Same as above, plus they can edit others work, and control who else can access this area
  3. Hover over the access option you want for any user, click the radio button and then click save roles

Granting approval rights within a Project

  1. Navigate to the 'Team' page following the steps above
  2. Click on the checkbox associated with the user that you would like to grant approval rights, click save roles

Apply a role to a user within an Account

  1. Navigate to the 'Team' page following the steps above
  2. Click the 'Select a role...' link (if a role is set, this link will display as the currently set role) associated with the user that you would like to grant a role
  3. Click on the checkbox associated with the role that you would like to apply to the user
  4. Click 'Save'

Best practises for the best Team members

Adding new Team members to areas you’re working on in is really easy – but just because it’s easy doesn’t mean you should. Before adding a new Team member, consider the following questions.

  • Will this Team member contribute towards the overall Purpose and Goals of this area?
  • Assuming “yes”, are they simply a Team member or do they need additional management rights?
  • Assuming "no", do they still need to have visibility of the contents of the area? e.g. read-only access

Top tips for Team membership:

  1. Review your Team memberships regularly to make sure people only have access to the areas that are relevant to them.
  2. We’d recommend that each area has more than one Administrator, and for projects more than one Approver, in case of staff sickness, holiday or other absence.
  3. To grant a user access to a Tool within a Project, you will need to grant the user access to the entire Project. Therefore, if you want to restrict access, it may be appropriate to create a standalone Tool instead.

Note: If you can’t find the user you’re trying to add it may be that they don’t have access to If that's the case you can easily create a user account for them.