See here if you would like to customise Track categories

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Feature Overview

Until now we have provided customers with default Account categories. This exciting new feature release will allow you to customise those and manage your Accounts in with more detail than ever. Full customisability means you can tailor the area to fit how your organisation works.

This new feature includes the ability to:

  • Define categories that apply across all Accounts
  • Apply filters in the Accounts Reports page to show custom categories
  • Administer Account categories on the settings page
    • Create and delete categories, including default ones
    • Edit the names and colours applied to categories
    • Choose whether one or more child categories can be applied to a parent category
    • Move and Sort categories

How to customise your Account categories

Note: you must be a Platform Administrator to do this.

  1. Hover over your profile picture in the top right, then click on 'Organisation Settings'
  2. Click ' settings' 

Here you can set up your custom categories:

Applying categories to individual Accounts

    After you have defined what your categories are, head to an Account to set them in the 'Headlines' page

Viewing Account Reports

    Once the structure is set up, and you have given your existing Accounts categories, you will see that your overall Account Reports area looks different. The reports will directly reflect the categories you have set up and applied. 

You can filter by 'Category' in the top left of the page, so the reports show only what you want them to show. 

Parent categories where only one child category can be defined will display as donut charts- if you can choose more than one child category it will display as a bar chart.

Each category can be clicked into and will display a list report, for example clicking into 'Core' customer displays the following: