Note: Accounts are part of the additional Supply Chain Management module
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Accounts enable you to manage key relationships, contacts and contracts with the organisations you work with. Using Accounts you can maintain a detailed record of all aspects of the relationship, including any joint initiatives, in one place.

Navigating to Accounts

Find Accounts in the Work dropdown menu on your main navigation bar.


Overview Permissions

Individual Accounts

  • Much like other Work areas in, the 'Team' page can be used to grant users access to individual Accounts
  • See here for a guide on how to work with Teams


  • The Team page for Accounts includes the ability to assign roles that can be assigned to individuals
  • Users can be identified as an 'Account Lead', which displays within the Accounts Listing and Overview pages
  • Multiple roles can be assigned to a user

Account admins can select Account roles for users by:

  1. Navigating to the Account which you would like to set roles
  2. Clicking on 'Team', in the top right within the Account
  3. Clicking on the green pencil beside the user whom you would like to edit their roles 
  4. Select the roles which you would like to apply and click 'Save'.   

Creating an Account

  1. Select Accounts from the Work drop-down menu
  2. You will be presented with a list of all the Accounts you have visibility of
  3. Click the 'Create New Account' button
  4. Give the account a name and complete any other details as needed 
  5. Click Create Account 

Administering Accounts

The tabs across the top of an Account allow you to view Documents, Discussions, Tools and KPIs, but accounts also add some unique features that allow you to manage your partner relationships, these are Contacts and Contracts.

Account Settings

The Account Settings page (top right of screen) allows various customisations to the Account including:

  • General details about that Account
  • A unique identifier
  • The Account categories (optional)
  • The ability to upload a picture
  • The ability to delete the Account