Note: You must be an administrator of Policy Packs to carry out these actions.

Firstly, find ‘Policy Packs’ in the Work menu on your main navigation bar. This will bring you to the ‘Policy Packs Administration Dashboard’. Then, click on the Policy Packs tab.

Policy Pack Action Menu

Most policy pack interactions can be accessed by clicking the ‘Actions’ link, which can be found underneath the title of the relevant policy pack.

View Policy Pack

Prior to publishing your policy pack, you may want to view it from the point of view of a user, to do so, follow the instructions below.

To view a policy pack, from the perspective of a user, click ‘View Policy Pack’ in the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu.

You will then be presented to the front page of the policy pack. Click ‘Read the policies’.

View the Policy list to the left to select a policy.

Note: ‘Mark as read’ is for completion by people who are added individually or through a Group membership during your publishing process.

Add or remove users

To add users to a policy pack, click ‘Audience and Publish’ in the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu. This will open the ‘Audience and Publish’ window. 

To add a user or Group:

  1. Click ‘Add Groups or individuals…’.
  2. Enter the name of the individual or Group that you would like to add to a policy pack.
  3. Select the individual or Group that you would like to add to a policy pack from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click ‘Add to Policy Pack’.

Note: It is possible to add users to multiple policy packs using this feature.

To remove a user or Group:

    Click ‘Remove’, by the user or Group that you would like to remove from the policy pack.

Publish a Policy Pack

To publish a policy pack, click ‘Audience and Publish’ in the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu.

This will open the ‘Audience and Publish’ window.

Within this window, you have the options to post a Note regarding the policy pack and/or create a To-do.


    To enable or disable posting a Note, click the box next to ‘Post a Note’.

You can use the editor below ‘Post a Note’ to make changes to the Note.


    To enable or disable the To-do, click the box next to ‘Create a To-do’.

You can complete the fields below ‘Create a To-do’ to adjust the title of the to-do, and the Due time.

Selecting the audience that you want to notify

You can send out a note to accompany a policy pack, this note can be used to inform existing audience members, new audience members and new users.

If a new user has been added to the audience, it is possible to notify only new members.

Click the ‘new audience members-only’ radio button.

You can also click the box, as in the image below, to use the Note and To-do as default for new users.

Once you have finished making changes within the ‘Audience and Publish’ window, click ‘Post Note and To-Do’.

Adding or removing Projects

You can add or remove Projects to make them visible to the audience you select for a policy pack.

On the ‘Policy Packs Administration’ page of, click ‘Add or remove Projects’.

The ‘Add or remove Projects from (your company name) Policy Packs’ will open. You can use the dropdown list to select other projects to add to the policy pack.

Be sure to understand that content from this Project will become visible to the audience you select for a Policy Pack, even if they are not a normal team member of the Project.

Click ‘Add Project to Policy Pack’.

Content from that policy pack will now be available for selection.

Note: If you make changes to the Content included in a Policy Pack, the policies will be marked as unread for every audience of that policy pack. It's also important to note that the policy pack will only show the most recently approved policies, newly added policies that haven't been approved would not be available to the pack audience.