Note: You must be an administrator of Policy Packs to carry out these actions.

Firstly, find Policy Packs in the Work menu on your main navigation bar. This will bring you to the Policy Packs Administration Dashboard. Then, click on the Policy Packs tab.

Managing Policy Pack Notifications

See Administering Policy Packs for further details on Publishing Policy Packs and adding users to a Policy Pack.

A user can be an audience member of multiple policy packs.

Both new users and existing users can be added to policy packs.

If you only want to send these notification emails out to new users, select this radio button. This will prevent existing audience members from receiving any notifications.

If you would like to set this content as the default for newly created users (that are added to the Policy Pack on creation), ensure that this box is checked.

Notification Emails

There are two types of emails that a user can receive. A user can receive multiple emails if they are added to multiple Policy Packs.

The emails that the user will receive will depend on the settings applied when a Policy Pack is published.

If the Policy Pack includes a note when it is published, an email like this will be sent to new members:

If the Policy Pack also includes a to-do when it is published,  an email like this will be sent to new members: