Using Single Sign-On (SSO) with allows you to make use of a provisioning feature: New User Templates!

Note: New user templates only apply to NEW users, these users must be created at the point of logging in via SSO, they cannot be created prior.

Entra ID is the new name for Azure Active Directory

What are New User Templates?

New User Templates allow a platform Administrator to provision work areas automatically to new users that are created by logging in via SSO. 

There are two types of new user template:

1. Templates applied to ALL new users.

        You may only have one template that can be applied to all users. This will be applied in addition to any other matching templates. For example, you may want every new user to be given the Employee Induction template, along with their individual role template.

2. Templates applied to individual groups.

        These templates are applied to specific groups, which you will define in Entra ID The groups will then be pulled through into, and users will be identified and applied the correct template upon user creation at log in.

How to set up a new user template

Create a Group attribute claim

First, you will need to ensure you map a new attribute in your app Single Sign-On settings. This attribute will be to pull the information for your AD group into

1. Navigate to Entra ID > Enterprise Applications > app > Single Sign-On > 2. User Attributes & Claims

2. Click add a group claim:

3. Select which groups this claim should apply to and then fill in the claim information as shown:

4. Click save and then refresh the page, it should look like this:

Create a Group in Entra ID

The next stage to set this feature up is to create Groups in Entra ID (If you haven't already!). In most cases, your organisation will already have these set up, they may be named based on department or role (e.g. Finance, HR, IT, Marketing, Support). 

As an example, we will be using a 'Marketing' group, so that we can make a Marketing User Template in

To do this:

1. Navigate to Entra ID, click on Groups, create Group. See here for the Microsoft guide on creating Groups.

2. In your list of Groups, navigate to the one you wish to create a template for. Click into it and copy the Object ID.


1. Move over to

2. Navigate to Organisation Settings > New User Templates.

3. Click 'Create New Template'

4. Fill in the details for this template.

5. Select 'Only users who belong to a group in the identity provider'

6. Paste the Object Id into the 'SSO Attribute field'

You can then scroll down the page and select which Permissions, Work areas, and Policy Packs to assign to the template. 

When a new user from the 'Marketing' Group in Entra ID logs into via SSO for the first time, they will be associated with the Marketing Template, and granted all of the access and work areas that come with it.