Our latest new feature is an extension to the existing ability to add branding to platform exports, if you have purchased our Policy Packs addon...

You are now able to apply company branding to Policy Packs in the platform as well!


This has been highly requested so we're excited to announce it, this feature release comes bundled with a visual redesign and some improvements we hope will make the experience for Policy Pack readers even better than before.

You can see a short summary in the below video:


What's changed?

  1. Organisation Administrators will be able to apply branding settings to Policy Packs By going to organisation settings:

    Then ISMS.online settings:

  2. Policy Packs have been given a makeover, to complement the ability to brand them with your company logo and colours.
  3. Policy Pack pages will have a more focused experience that removes some of the ISMS.online navigation elements while you are reading policies.
  4. To enhance your user experience, any links to view a policy pack will open in a new tab, allowing you to easily view your policies at any given moment, and navigate between pages without losing track of where you were in the main ISMS.online platform.

If you have any questions about this feature, or want to send in some feedback on what you'd like to see next. Please contact support@isms.online