We've released a new feature within Clusters that will allow you to easily report on your risks progress over time. This feature is especially useful for those who are managing more than one risk map, as the report allows you to have oversight of all of them in one place.


So, what can you expect from this new feature?

Well, the report has some key components that will give you a comprehensive overview of your risks over time: 

  • The 'Overall Risk History' graph shows where your risks are sitting, across all Risk Maps added to the Cluster. This can be flicked back through time to see where risks your risk was distributed at any given point.

  • There's also a 'Average Risk Over Time' graph. This combines and averages risk scores for all maps of the same properties (aka methodology), and shows you how your average risk score is trending since the first set of readings were added.    

    Where you have more than one Risk Map added to the Cluster, an 'Average Risk' chart will display for each individual map, allowing you to see your risk trends at a high level globally, as well as the lower level of each map.

  • You'll also see a risk register showing basic information about each risk. This is the same as the register that you see within each map, with the addition of a column to show which map the risk originated from.

The report can be filtered, giving you the power to focus on their most important risks. Whether you're managing an ISMS or another standard, this feature provides invaluable insights for reporting to senior management or the board. It's an all-in-one-place report that anyone working with Risk Maps can benefit from.