How to use New User Templates (Entra ID)Welcome to the guide for setting up SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management)! SCIM enables automatic provisioning and deprovisioning of user identities between your identity provider (IDP) and, streamlining user management processes. Below, we've outlined the steps to help you smoothly configure SCIM for your organization.


Step 1: Requesting SCIM from our support team


To set up SCIM, you must first contact our support team at, the team will then enable SCIM within your platform and arrange sending you the SCIM Endpoint and API token in a secure manner

Step 2: Troubleshooting Local Issues (Optional)


Be aware of common issues such as discrepancies in primary email addresses between the IDP and, which can lead to creation of duplicate user accounts.

Step 3: Set up a New User Template that applies to all users

Before continuing to set up SCIM,  set up a New User Template that can apply to all user in the platform. This ensures whenever a user logs in, that they have access to work areas.


Step 4: Resolving Common Issues (optional)


If encountering issues with primary email discrepancies, contact our support team at to clear the IDP link and reconcile email addresses to prevent duplicate account creation.

Step 5: Open Entra and go to applications

Step 6: Select 'Enterprise Applications' and then 'New Application'

Step 7: Select 'Create New Application'

Step 8: Insert the name of the app '' and Select 'integrate with any application' and then select 'Create'

Step 9: Select 'Provisioning' and then select 'Provisioning' again

Step 10: Set provisioning mode to 'automatic'

Step 11: Paste the SCIM endpoint and API token provided into the areas provided

Step 12: Test the connection

Step 13: Save and then refresh the page

Step 14: go to settings, and then set provisioning status to on

Step 15: Save your settings again


Setting up SCIM requires careful planning, troubleshooting, and continuous support to ensure smooth integration between your IDP and By following the steps outlined in this guide and staying proactive in addressing common issues, you can streamline user management processes and enhance security within your organization.


Feel free to adapt these steps to fit your organization's specific needs and configurations. If you encounter any further issues or require additional assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at