The Statement of Applicability provides you with an overview of the Applicability of all of the Activities within a Project.

See here for a guide on how to set up the Statement of Applicability for a Project.

Accessing the Statement of Applicability

You can access the Statement of Applicability by Navigating to the Project that you would like to view the SoA for and then either: 

  1. Clicking on the 'Statement of Applicability' button on the Project 'Headlines' page


  1. Clicking on the 'Structure' tab
  2. Clicking 'Statement of Applicability'

You will be able to see whether an Activity is: 

You can sort the list of Activities by 'Applicability' or 'Activity reference'.

Setting the Applicability of an Activity

In order to set the Applicability of an Activity, it must have a valid reference.

To set the Applicability of an Activity

  1. Navigate to an Activity
  2. Click here:
  3. You can set the following Activity options:
    Applicable - implemented Justification
    Applicable - not implemented Justification
    Not Applicable Justification