Cloning a project will allow you to copy a project you already are a member of allowing you quickly create the same set of phases, deliverables, and activities in the same way a pre-configured framework allows.


To Clone a Project:

  • Click 'All work' in the Work menu and then the ‘Create new' button. 
  • You will be asked what type of work you want to create, choose 'Project' then click create
  • On the create a new project page, you’ll be given the option to clone an existing project
  • From there you can search for what project you wish to be cloned.

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

Clicking the 'clone project' will present you with a pop-up menu. Here you can:

  • Set up the cloned project with a name, description, start date, etc
  • Choose what you want to be included, Notes, To-dos, and Documents. If you tick these then your cloned project will contain the latest version of any Notes, To-dos, and Documents from the original project.