Favouriting a Work area in ISMS.online allows quick access to frequently used areas.

Work areas that are favourited will appear in your Favourites list on the ISMS.online homepage.

They can also be accessed from the favourites drop-down menu.

How to Favourite Work areas in ISMS.online

Most Work areas within the platform can be Favourited from the ISMS.online home page. 

  1. Click 'Add Favourite'
  2. Enter the name of the Work area into the 'Type to search...' field
  3. Click on the correct Work area
  4. Click 'Add Favourite'

The Favourite will now appear on your home page.

You can remove a Favourite by hovering over it in the Favourites list and clicking 'Remove'.

How to favourite a tool within a Project in ISMS.online

Currently, standalone Tools cannot be Favourited in ISMS.online. 

To Favourite a tool within a Project:

  1. Navigate to the Project that the tool exists within
  2. Click on the 'Tools' tab. This will show you all of the tools associated with this Project
  3. Identify the Tool that you would like to favourite and click on the green star symbol, as displayed below

How to add Favourites to another user's Favourites list

You must be a platform Administrator to carry out these actions. These actions can also be carried out when creating a new user.

  1. Hover over your user name/image in the navigation bar
  2. Click 'Organisation settings'
  3. Click on the 'Registered users' tab
  4. Identify the user that you would like to apply these changes to and click on their name
  5. Click on the 'Preferences' tab
  6. Under the heading 'Add (user's name) to some work areas to give them a head start'

  7. Click the type that applies to the work area that you would like to add to the User's home page - e.g. 'Projects'

  8. Click on the 'Favourite on Home' checkbox for each of the Work areas that you would like to Favourite on the user's home page

  9. Click 'Save'

Changing the placement of your Favourites on the ISMS.online homepage

On your preferences page, you have the option to choose whether you see the Favourites section or To-Do list at the top of your Homepage.