What can you achieve with the Cluster Dashboard in ISMS.online?

The Dashboard allows you to see the performance of your ISMS at a glance. By highlighting the current state of your Tracks, Risk Registers, KPIs and Policy Packs the Dashboard allows you to clearly see how you are meeting your information security objectives. This can aid day to day decision making, as well as pulling information you need for your management reviews in on one place.

What information can I view in the Dashboard

The Dashboard is automatically populated with information from any Risk Registers, Tracks, Policy Packs or KPIs that are contained within your Cluster or within any Projects in your cluster. 

Each block within the Dashboard represents one area, and the links within it allow you to quickly and easily drill down into the detail behind the headline numbers.

The dashboard also contains a link to your ISMS Overview. This page shows, through the use of Linked work, how your Risks, Controls, and Assets exist together. See the links above for more guidance.

How can I access the Dashboard?

It's easy, simply:

  1. Hover over 'Work' in the ISMS.online action bar, and click 'Clusters' 
  2. Click on the Cluster that you would like to view the Dashboard for 
  3. Click on the box with the title 'Dashboard'

How can I customise the Dashboard?

Yes, you can choose which items you would like to show/hide within your Dashboard and display them in your preferred order.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard that you would like to customise 
  2. Click on 'Edit' in the top right of the Dashboard page
  3. From the 'Edit' screen you can:
    • Show or hide an item: Click on the 'Show/hide' checkbox by the item that you would like to show or hide
    • Drag items to a new location to change the order in which they display within the Dashboard

        4.Once you have finished making changes to the display of the Dashboard, click 'Save'