Note: You must be a platform Administrator to carry out these actions.

Partner organisations allow you to work closely with users from other (partner) organisations. 

Users from partner organisations are able to contribute and if necessary, administer work areas that you have created. They cannot create new work areas themselves.

Users can be added to a Partner organisation from the create new users page.

Creating a new partner organisation

'Partner organisations' are managed within the 'Organisations' page, which can be found in the top right-hand corner user dropdown.

From the 'Organisations' page, click 'Add Organisation'. This will take you to the 'Create new Organisation' page.

Enter the name of the Partner Organisation and click 'Create Organisation'.

This will take you to the Organisation 'Profile settings' page. 

Here you can:

  • Add information about the Partner organisation
  • Add documents, to associate with a Partner organisation

Note: Partner organisations cannot be deleted. If a partner organisation is no longer in use, it is recommended to deactivate the users within that organisation.