The ISMS Overview is a feature that shows you how your Risks, Controls, and Assets within your ISMS link together- all in one place. If you have made use of the Linked work feature, then you will see the benefits of this in the ISMS Overview.

How to find it?

Your ISMS overview is located within the ISMS Project, which can be accessed from the 'Work' menu

The ISMS overview can also be accessed from your ISMS Cluster

In the top right of the page, you will see the ISMS Overview link.

Note: Only your 'ISMS' Cluster will include an ISMS Overview. The work areas included within your ISMS cluster will depend on your subscription. If you create your own Cluster, it won't include the ISMS Overview.

What's in it?

ISMS Overview shows all of the links within your ISMS, in table format. Below are some of the headings in the table and a description of what it is.

Note: The ISMS Cluster contains all of the work areas added to it, but you will only see the ones that you are a team member of.

SOA Applicability

    This field links to the Statement of Applicability and shows whether the Control is: Applicable - implemented, Applicable-  not implemented, or Not Applicable. SOA Applicability only shows in the 'Control' view.


    Includes the name of the assignee who is ultimately responsible for this control/risk/asset.

Controls / Risks / Assets Linked 

    Links to any controls/risks/assets from your Information Asset Inventory that have been linked to this risk.

Policy Packs Linked

    Links to any Policy Packs which contain this control as a Policy. (This is only shown in the 'Controls' view).

Latest Note

    Displays the most recent Note from the linked Activity, useful for adding additional information that you want to have visible at an Overview level.

How to use it?

When you first begin working on your ISMS, the ISMS Overview will be empty. As you populate your ISMS, you will be able to link your Risks, Assets, and Controls together, using Linked Work. You will find the table begins to populate and display these links in an easy to read way.


    There are filtering options at the top of the ISMS Overview table, these are great ways to quickly sort through your ISMS and highlight gaps.


    There is also an Export option in the top-right of the page, this will export your ISMS Overview as a spreadsheet.

View by

    This filter allows you to switch between three views: Controls, Risks, and Assets. Each view rearranges the table to show information relating to the chosen view.