Project Frameworks in ISMS.online. enable repeatable work. This might represent your BCP plans or some standard activities for new staff you want to be undertaken as part of an induction process.

Any existing Project can be turned into a framework, but be aware that this Project will no longer show up in your All Work or Project listings, so if you still plan on using a Project make a clone of it first and then turn the clone into a Framework.

Before you start

There are three key things to note before you turn a project into a Framework

  1. The current name of the project will become the name of the Framework
  2. The current image for the project will be shown on the create new project screen next to the Framework name
  3. After creating a Framework you can go back and edit everything except the Framework description later


To turn an existing Project into a Framework navigate to that project and then click the ‘Settings’ option in the top right of the screen.

On the project settings page scroll down to ‘Advanced Project Settings’ where you’ll find the Convert to Framework button.

Clicking ‘Convert to framework’ will present you with a pop-up menu. Here you can:

  • Add a description to the framework that will be shown when hovering over this framework on the create new project screen
  • Choose to Include Notes, To-dos and or Documents. If you tick these then any new projects created from that framework will contain the latest version of any Notes, To-Dos or Documents from this project. This is great if you have guidance you want to give contained within the notes area or standard forms you want completed as documents. 

We would advise taking note of the project ID (the numbers in the URL for the project) so if you need to amend the framework at any time you have the project ID to hand, this can be found later if you forget so don't worry.

Editing an existing framework

This guide covers editing existing frameworks created by users within your organisation.