Adding occasional users for Policy Pack compliance

Policy Pack compliance in can be demonstrated by occasional users. These users can be created by Platform Administrators, as 'standard users'. 

Additional users can incur costs if you go over the amount you are contracted for. Before, or after you have created the occasional users, simply notify the support team at and an additional invoice in line with the remaining contract term will be raised.

Navigating to Policy Packs

Find 'Policy Packs' in the Work menu on your main navigation bar. This will bring you to the ‘Policy Packs' list.

Read Policy Packs

  1. Click a policy pack within the listing. You will be directed to the front page of the policy pack.

        2. Click ‘Read the policies’.

A list of policies is displayed to the left. Policies can be filtered to display all policies or just those that are unread. It is also possible to use the search box to search for a specific policy.

When you have finished reading a policy, click the ‘Mark as read’ button. This will mark the policy as read, which can be observed by policy pack administrators.

Completing a To-do within a Policy Pack

Your policy pack(s) may have a To-do task, which requires you to confirm compliance with the policies in your pack.

The To-do can be accessed by either:

  • Clicking ‘Complete the To-do’ from the front page of the policy pack
  • Locating it at the bottom of the list of policies and clicking on the link

To confirm compliance:

  1. Ensure that all policies have been marked as read.
  2. Click ‘Complete’.

Note: If the To-Do is not present in either of these areas and you expect it to be present, consult your platform administrator.