Once you have created your KPI, you can add readings to it.

  1. Firstly, navigate to your KPI
  2. Then, click on the 'Add a reading' button in the top right of your screen. 
    • Make sure the period dropdown at the top of the Add Reading box shows the period you want to add a reading for.
    • Any notes you add or supporting documentation will show in the table below the KPI for easy reference. For example if you are tracking system availability and it drops below your targeted SLA you can indicate what the circumstances that led to that difference.

  3. The 'reading' pop-up will display. Complete the fields and click 'Add'
  4. The reading will now display on the KPI graph

  5. If you later need to amend a reading you have given you can do so by clicking the pencil icon at the end of the row for the reading you want to amend.