The Assured Results Method has had a makeover, as well as some new features that we've added to make your journey to ISO 27001 certification even easier.

Here's a short video explaining the changes:

New look

ARM has changed visually to help you focus on what matters most to your implementation. Quickly see how far through your documentation you are in the Adopt, Adapt, Add section progress bar. You can now see the content and the activities related to each step side by side, allowing you to quickly pick up where you left off.

ARM Timeline

We have turned our implementation method into a timeline that clearly displays key milestones in your certification journey. It's split out into two sections: 

Adopt, Adapt, Add:

  • These 3 steps get you started by covering everything you need to do in order to fully document your ISMS.

    Operate, Maintain, Improve:

  • If you're going for certification then this section will drive you through the process, allowing you to add dates to certain steps, and keeping you on track to meet that ultimate goal.

Key dates

You can also add planned dates for milestone steps such as your Stage 1 and 2 external audit. Building up a timeline to help drive your certification journey. This will be hugely beneficial if you're implementing to a tight deadline or are working with a wider team who need to be aware of upcoming dates.

Understanding how much progress you have made

Previously, ARM would combine your % progress in various policies & controls, to add up to an overall progress in each step. We realise that a more useful way to see progress in your implementation is to understand what stage each policy or control is at in ISMS.onlines built-in Approval process. 

You'll now see a tally of how many activities in each step are:

  • Open (still being worked on)
  • Awaiting approval (work completed but not approved)
  • Completed (work complete and signed off)

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