ISMS.Online is proud to release one of our most requested features, being able to insert images into notes and discussions!

How does it work?

Within the editor there is a new images button (highlighted above) . Once clicked, you can either drag and drop and image, or click to browse and upload one. Just like with documents. 
You can just drag and drop the image onto the editor itself, or paste the image in from your clipboard and it will insert the image where your cursor is.

Once the image is in place, you can also set alternative text and caption by clicking on the image and then the Edit button:

This will open this menu for you where you can add the the Alt and Caption text:

Images uploaded this way will show in;
  • The note or discussion.
  • In the updates feed for that area.
  • In the note version history AND
  • In policy packs.

For Security, when an email notification is sent containing an image, it is replaced with a placeholder. Like we do with videos.

Please note, there is a file size limit of 20MB for each attached image.

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Please contact, or our live chat, if you have any questions.