is happy to announce that we have updated the platform so it will save your draft notes work within the browser as you go. Now you won't lose your working if you click away, refresh or close your browser while editing your notes.

Storing your work-in-progress as you go

Now when you hover over the notes section you'll see a new (unsaved changes) message next to the edit button if you have draft work saved within the browser.

Once you click into the note it will display your recent unsaved changes until you either save or cancel the note edit:

These note changes will be saved securely within your browser in the local IndexedDB until you either submit or cancel the changes. They will also clear after 30 days if neither action is taken.

These will be browser, and user specific, so if you use the platform on many devices, it will not be available between devices. The same if many platform users use the same computer, you will only see the notes from your account and no one else's.

This behaviour is now available within the following areas:

  • ‘Name’ field in Objectives & Deliverables in Project Structure
  • Name’ and ‘Overview’ fields in Phase in Project Structure
  • ‘Description’ and ‘Notes’ fields in task e.g. a To-Do item
  • ‘Purpose and Goals’ field in New Group / Edit Group
  • Headlines / Notes (in project, group etc.)
  • Discussions: Create new, Edit, Reply
  • ‘Notes’ field in new KPI Reading
  • Name & Description fields in Ticket
  • Description, ‘Potential consequence’, ‘Issues’, ‘Interested Parties’ & ‘Information Assets’ fields in Risk from ISO 27001 Risk Map
  • Description, ‘Potential Impact' & ‘Objective’ fields in Risk from ISO Generic Risk Map
  • ‘Name’, ‘Role’, ‘Barriers to address’, ‘Key messages’ and ‘Advocate relationships’ fields in New/Edit Stakeholder

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Please contact us via, or our live chat, if you have any questions.