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What are Track categories for?

Categories are used to tag your Track items so you can filter and report based on the categories assigned. 

Parent and child categories

There are two types of categories:

Parent categories: A parent category is a 'group' which contains 'child categories'. 

If the Track is in 'List' view, parent categories will display as headings as below.

Child categories: Child categories are properties which can be applied to Track items, allowing you to classify the item.

For example, in the preconfigured Information Asset Inventory (ISO 27001), there is a parent category called 'Type'. Within this parent category, there are child categories that allow you to classify an asset. This allows you to define whether the asset is Financial information, Personal Data etc.

Navigation to your Track Settings

Navigate to your Track via:

  1. Hovering over 'Work' in the navigation bar
  2. Clicking on 'All Work'
  3. Searching for your Track within the 'All Work' search field
  4. Clicking on the link to your Track

Then, click on 'Settings' in the top right-hand corner of your Track. At the bottom of the page and you will see 'Categories'. Click on the 'Edit' link associated with Categories.

Assigning categories to a Track item

By clicking on individual items, track items can also be assigned multiple categories to ensure quick and easy filtering without losing the complexity of the item. In this example, the item already has 2 categories assigned to it. I can add more simply by clicking select to reopen the drop-down menu and selecting the relevant category.

Administering categories

Adding categories

  1. Click on 'Add parent category'
  2. Enter a name for the category
  3. Click 'Create parent category'

Simply click on 'Add child category' to add a child category.

Assign a colour to a child category

    Categories can also be given a colour, making it easier to visualise the volume of work for each category.

Click on the square beside the child category to assign a colour to represent the child category. Then simply choose the colour you want and click save.

Moving and ordering categories

    You can click on the 'Move and order' links beside parent or child categories to reorder them.


    You can also restrict child categories within a parent category so that only one child category can be applied to each Track item.

This can be enabled by ensuring that the below option is selected.