Information Asset Inventory Track

The Information Asset Inventory Track (ISO 27001) is the ideal way to maintain a pragmatic Asset Inventory in the scope of your information security management system.

How do I access the Information Asset Inventory Track?

  1. Hover over 'Work' in the navigation bar
  2. Click on 'All Work'
  3. Search for the 'Information Asset Inventory' Track within the 'All Work' search field
  4. Click on the 'Information Asset Inventory' link to navigate to the Track

Your Information Asset Inventory Track will display, and will appear as below, only without any track items present.

Here is an example of an asset you may add to the Asset Inventory Track

If you own multiple items per asset, such as multiple laptops, you can add further details within the notes such as the following that uses a table:

Using the Information Asset Inventory Track

The Information Asset Inventory functions much the same as any other Track on the platform.

This Track appears in 'List' view by default. It is encouraged to view your Assets in this way as it is clear to view which categories apply to each Asset, as well as apply filters to narrow down the assets displayed.

You will notice that the Information Asset Inventory Track has five pre-configured parent categories:

  • Type: Financial information, IPR, Infrastructure, Personal Data, Processing Devices, Products & Services, Removable storage / hard drives, Sales & Marketing, Software applications/services, Supply Chain, Other info assets
  • Classification: Sensitive, Confidential, Public, Unknown
  • Primary Location: Company Office, On Person, Teleworker (Home), Everywhere, On-Premise Datacentre, Third Party Datacentre, Other Location
  • Legal Owner: Company, Employee (inc.BYOD), Supplier, Customer, Other
  • Owner/Lead: CEO, DPO, CTO, FD, HR, CMO (marketing), CSO (sales), CPO (purchasing)

You can add or remove parent and child categories within the Information Asset Inventory Track. For further information on how to do this, click here.

You can also easily link the asset to other areas of your platform such as your ISMS controls, supply chain and risk treatment plan.

Bulk uploading your assets

If you have a large number of assets that you want to add to the Information Asset Inventory Track, you may benefit from the bulk upload service that we offer.

See here for instructions on importing Assets.

Note: To ensure that we can complete this data change in good time, please ensure that data is entered correctly, and the template is not changed.

Please also note:

    We have a 5 working day SLA period, surrounding data changes.

  • You can inform us if you require these changes to go live on a specific date

Parent and child categories in this spreadsheet should exist as options within the Information Asset Inventory track. See here for a guide on administering Tracks.

  • Also, ensure that parent and child categories are spelt and capitalised consistently across all uses

The file needs to remain in its original format (.csv).

  • This file type is usable by all popular spreadsheet services
  • We are able to convert the file to .csv if it is returned to us in a different format (e.g. xlsx). Please note, converting a completed spreadsheet from another format to .csv may result in formatting errors with your uploaded data which you will be able to amend manually within, once the upload is completed

Further guidance on Tracks