Where we need to access we will ask for a support users to be created (or reactivated) and for you to team that account into the related areas.

Adding a new support user

We now require a support user for us to be added into any areas you'd like us to work on (imports, customisation etc), this allows us to view the change within our test environments without accessing a customer account.

How to do this:

  1. Add a support account to your platform, there is a guide on how to do that here.
  2. Please name the support user ISMS Support (or ISMS.online Support) and use the email address support+(organisation name)@isms.online

    Note: (Organisation name) here is a placeholder, here you would put your company name, or domain. For example here, if your organisation is Google.com, then it would be support+google@isms.online like below

  3. We will then also need administer access to the work areas you would like us to to work within. This is done in the Teams page, we have this guide on how to use the teams pages.

Once we have finished with the support request, we will deactivate the user for you.

How to reactivate a support user

If we have done some previous work, and disabled the support user, then you can just re-activate the user for us.

We have this guide which will walk you through the reactivation process.

As the deactivation process removes all access. You will then need to re-add the user to the required areas, following the steps listed above

Accessing your Data

In the odd chance that we need to access a particular account to review a bug or other reasons, we will seek written authorisation from an Organisation Admin of the platform before we clone a user account for our test purposes.

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Please contact support@isms.onlineor our live chat, if you have any questions.