At we offer a data importing service for a wide variety of Work areas. This section will talk about data import in general.

A few things to note before starting with your import:
  • We have a 5 working day SLA period, surrounding data changes. You can inform us if you need these changes to go live on a specific date.
  • We are unable to action an import with less than 10 items.
  • Please ensure that all fields content that exists in the platform (e.g. categories) match exactly in terms of capitalisations, spelling and spaces.
  • The file needs to remain in its original format (.csv). This file type is usable by all popular spreadsheet services.

To ensure that we can complete this data change in good time, please ensure that the template content remains intact and the locations of all cells remain consistent.

This service can be used to import:

To do this, simply: 

  1. Download the relevant template (located in the above guides)
  2. Complete the template by adding a new row for each item you would like to upload
  3. Once you have completed the template, or have any questions: send it to us via email, at or via our live chat within the platform.
  4. Finally can you create a support user under support+<yourplatformname> and and team that user in with administer rights into the area you are looking to import into. This is just to ensure that the import sheet lines up with the settings on the platform.